A teenage dream’s so hard to beat. Every time she walks down the street.
Another girl in the neighbourhood. Wish she was mine, she looks so good.
— Teenage Kicks


The Undertones are a punk rock/new wave band formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1974. From 1975 to 1983, the Undertones consisted of Feargal Sharkey (vocals), John O’Neill (rhythm guitar, vocals), Damian O’Neill (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Bradley (bass, vocals) and Billy Doherty (drums). Much of the earlier Undertones material drew influence from punk rock and new wave; the Undertones also incorporated elements of rock, glam rock and  post-punk into material released after 1979, before citing soul and Motown as the influence for the material released upon their final album. Despite the backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland where the band lived, the vast majority (though not all) of the material the band released focused not upon the political climate, but upon issues such as adolescence, teenage angst and heartbreak. The merging of instruments has led AllMusic to state that guitarists John and Damian O’Neill “mated infectious guitar hooks to 1960s garage, 1970s glam rock, and Feargal Sharkey’s signature vocal quaver."

“I always think that even though I’m credited as the person who wrote ‘Teenage Kicks’

it’s the actual sound of that record that makes it, the actual song’s not particularly great, it’s the actual sound that makes it brilliant.”
— John O’Neill


24 // Scheune, Dresden, Germany // Tickets
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31 // Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland // Tickets
01 // Venue N9, Molenstraat 165, 9900 Eeklo, Belgium // Tickets
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