Current Activities

Minisymposium at the 1999 SIAM Annual Meeting

Organizer (with P. G. Schmidt) of the minisymposium:

``Complex Flows: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation''
To be held at the 1999 SIAM Annual Meeting

Complex flow phenomena abound in many areas of the sciences and engineering. Fluids or fluid-like substances interact with each other, with other media, or with electromagnetic fields. Fluid-solid or fluid-fluid interaction occurs, for example, in liquid suspensions of solid particles or droplets and in porous media flows. Fluid- field interaction is of critical importance in electro- and magnetohydrodynamics.

The speakers in this minisymposium will focus on the modeling, analysis, and simulation of such phenomena and on underlying questions of numerical analysis and computational issues.

For a complete schedule see: session I, session II, and session III.


Numerical simulation of complex MHD flows.

Current work involves extending the velocity-current (finite element) method to more complex stationary problems arising from applications in physics and engineering (metallurgy, in particular) and the extension of the method to the time dependent problem.

Graduate Students

Maria V. Charina is studying the MHD equations with mixed boundary conditions. This is the first step in a program designed to do the analysis and numerical analysis for free boundary value problems governed by the MHD equations.

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