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The Auburn team sings along during a fast and furious round of PCIT Jeopardy!

Until recently, PCIT has been taught and practiced largely within a small number of University-affiliated laboratories or centers, including Auburn University.  However, as interest in PCIT has increased both nationally and internationally, the demand for PCIT training has increased significantly.

For a description of our PCIT training activities, please see our blog

We have set the date for our May training: May 7-11, 2012

The Auburn University PCIT training program is designed for both community-based and university-based therapists. Our PCIT training includes:

•  A 40-hour face-to-face workshop component (Phase 1)

•  Phase 1 consists of an intensive didactic component where trainees learn the theory base, receive an overview of the session-by-session PCIT protocol, observe demonstration sessions conducted by experienced PCIT therapists, and role-play PCIT techniques. 

In addition to the 40-hour workshop, we provide an advanced live PCIT training.

•  One year of phone or internet-based consultation (Phase 2)

•  Our Phase 2 consultation follows the 2009 PCIT training guidelines. It involves supervision and review of session videos.

•  We can provide consultation either through phone calls, through internet-based remote live consultation, or both! 

•  Internet –based remote live consultation allows supervisors to observe PCIT sessions from a remote location many miles away, directly coach practitioners during the session, and take over the session to coach parents directly and demonstrate PCIT techniques. 

•  Phone consultation calls with a PCIT trainer and trainees.  During these phone calls, trainees are able to ask questions, receive feedback on the PCIT cases they are seeing, discuss adaptations of PCIT, and learn from the experiences of other trainees.



To find out about upcoming PCIT training opportunities at Auburn University, please contact

Dr. Elizabeth Brestan-Knight

(334) 844-6486

Last Updated: 1/20/12