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2005 Faculty Awards

  Outstanding Teacher
Jack Brown 
  Outstanding Advisor
Debbie Folkerts
  Outstanding Graduate Teaching
Kevin Meadows
  Outstanding Graduate Teaching
Angela Spano Kemp

Information and Nomination Procedures

During A-Day Game weekend, the College of Sciences and Mathematics presents its awards for excellence in advising and in teaching. One advisor, one teacher, and two GTA awards are given each year. All recipients receive a cash award as well as a plaque recognizing this honor. A reception is also held in honor of the recipients. 

Normally, nominations for these awards are solicited in the spring of the year.

Nominations can be made by completing an advising nomination formand a teaching nomination form available either in the Dean's Office or at this site.

Selections for this award will be made by a selections committee composed of previous recipients of these awards.

Previous Winners

1990 Dr. Bob Lishak 
Dr. Larry Wit
Ms. Dean Hays  
1991 Dr. Mike Bozack 
Dr. George Folkerts
Dr. Marie Wooten  
1992 Dr. Brian Love 
Ms. Dean Hays
Dr. Ed Slaminka  
1993 Dr. Virginia C. Kelly Dr. Bill Dorgan Bettina E. Schmidt 
James J. Stagliano
1994 Dr. John F. Pritchett Dr. Chris Rodger Mary Lou Ewald 
Margaret Erskine
1995 Dr. Debbie R. Folkerts Ms. Dean Hays Jermone M. Levan 
Kerry D. Smith
1996 Dr. Christine Sundermann Ms. Kathryn Milly Sagadevan G. Mundree 
Michael E. Raines
1997 Dr. Alfred E. Brown Dr. Bob Lishak Brian P. Bagatto 
Michael A. Davis
1998 Dr. Roland Dute Dr. Overtoun Jenda Andrea Boggild
Carol A. Parker
Michael A. Wall
1999 Dr. Robert  Boyd Dr. Alfred E. Brown Paul Nolan
Achim Kehrein
2000 Dr. James Bradley Dr. Jack Roger Atif Abueida
Brett Jones
2001 Dr. Edward Slaminka Dr. Sharon Roberts Kristin Lenertz
David Broussard
2002 Dr. Chris Rodger   Sarah Heuss-Holliday
Joseph King
2003 Dr.  Charles Savrda Dr. Ed Thomas Karrie Ann Fadroski
Chad Rodekohr
2004 Dr. Howard Hargis Dr. Holly Ellis Mincy Moffett
John Holliday
2005 Dr. Jack Brown Dr. Debbie Folkerts Kevin Meadows
Angela Spano Kemp