Second Announcement



June 17-19, 1999

Dear Colleague,

We have a pleasure to inform you that we are organizing a workshop on set theory and applications to topology and real analysis. This continues tradition of organizing such workshops in Poland. The previous were held in Warsaw, Katowice, Szklarska Poreba, Lodz and Wiezyca last years.

The conference will be held from 17-19 June (from Thursday morning to Saturday evening) in Wiezyca near Gdansk. You could come already on Wednesday, June, 16th.

We predict that there will be 9 40-minute lectures and much more 20-minute talks. Unfortunately (in a case of big interest), we cannot guarantee that all participants will have possibility to give a talk. We will prefer talks on our main topics, i.e., Set Theory and its Applications.

The following people are invited to give lectures: M.Balcerzak (Lodz), A.Blaszczyk (Katowice), J.B.Brown (Auburn), J.Cichon (Wroclaw), K.Ciesielski (Morgantown), P.Humke (Northfield), M.Laczkovich (Budapest), C.W.Weil (East Lansing), P.Zakrzewski (Warszawa)

The conference fee is 350 Zloties (90 US Dollars). We provide lodging from Wednesday night to Saturday night, meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners, coffee) and transportation if necessary.

Travel from Warsaw International Airport to Gdansk: the easiest way is by train. Currently there are the following trains from Warsaw to Gdansk: 6:02; 7:02; 8:57; 11:02; 12:57; 15:02; 16:02; 17:02; 19:04. There might be some small change of this schedule few weeks before the Workshop. Current schedule can be found at Cost: the most expensive ticket (1-st class) 69.00 Zloties (appr. 18.00 US Dollar).

Those, who are going for Real Analysis Exchange Summer Symposium in Lodz on June, 21-26, will have a chance to see the old city of Gdansk on Sunday and then catch the train to Lodz at 5:05pm (at 10pm in Lodz).

The current information will be always available from Gdansk'99. (tex file) or Gdansk'99

In case of interest, please, fill in the enclosed registration form and return it (via e-mail) before May 15, 1999.

Registration form


E-mail address:

Mailing address:

Would you like to give a 20-minute talk?

Title of the lecture:

Additional information (roommate, accompanying persons, when will you arrive to Gdansk, e.t.c.)

Looking forward to meet you

Tomek Natkaniec and Irek Reclaw
Institute of Mathematics
University of Gdansk
Wita Stwosza 57
80-952 Gdansk

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