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Before saying anything else, I should remind you of the importance of content. All the pretty graphics in the world, all the wav.files and Quicktime movies, are not going to help you or your project if you have nothing to say, or if you don't say it well. As with any paper you would produce for a college level course, your website should have a worthwhile and significant thesis, an effective organization, appropriate documentation of sources, and some good, clear writing.

    With web projects, you may work individually or in pairs.

While organizing, drafting, and revising your own web project, it is essential that you follow the guidelines below. You may also wish to consult other evaluative, instructional, or "Netiquette" sites; some of these can be found by following links from the Learning Tools page. But generally, like other useful sites to be found on the Net, your sites should conform to the following standards:

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