2014 Southwide Forest Disease Workshop


It is that time again!  The next Southwide Forest Disease Workshop is scheduled to be held in the Conecuh National Forest in southern Alabama January 14-16, 2014 near Andalusia, Alabama.   Plans are to have research abstracts, station reports, a field trip, and graduate student competition.  The meeting will be held at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center, a 5000 acre demonstration forest used by a number of University's, State and Federal Agencies interested in natural resources. If you have any questions feel free to contact  Scott Enebak (334.844.1028) or Lori Eckhardt (334.844.2720)

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Twenty four rooms and enough of these to sleep 48 people. Overflow can sleep another 60 if needed.


Southwide Forest Disease Workshop � Agenda � January 14-16, 2014

Monday January 13, 2014








Registration & Room Assignments

3:00 to 6:00 PM


Dining Hall


6:00 -7:00 PM


Dining Hall


7:00 PM - ??


Longleaf Auditorium Porch/Foyer

Tuesday January 14, 2014





7:00-7:30 AM


Dining Hall





Welcome, Introductions & History of the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center

8:00 -8:40 AM

Joel Martin � Director

Longleaf Auditorium

Session I � Paper Presentations





8:40 � 9:00 AM

Biology and host range of Bot Canker of oaks in the southeast. 

Jason Smith, Sonja Mullerin, Tyler Dreaden and Adam Black


9:00 -  9:20 AM

Evaluation of defense responses in tolerant and susceptible hosts to Raffaelea lauricola

Jason Smith, Marc Hughes, Ben Held and Robert Blanchette


9:20 � 9:40 AM

A multi-gene phylogenetic study of the genus Raffaelea

Tyler Dreaden and Jason Smith


9:40 � 10:00 AM

Systemic movement of Raffaelea lauricola through the rhizomes in pondberry (Lindera melissifolia)

G. Susan Best and Stephen W. Fraedrich






10:00 -10:20 AM







Session II � Paper Presentations





10:20-10:40 AM

Subterranean termites and ophiostomatoid fungi: a secret symbiosis?

John Riggins, Nathan Little and Lori Eckhardt


10:40 � 11:00 AM

Assessment of defense capacity among 15 loblolly pine families

Mary Ann Sayer, Amritpal Singh, Lori Eckhardt and She-Jean Sung


11:00 -11:20 AM

Soil characteristics of loblolly decline sites in Alabama

Emily Carter, Nolan Hess, Art Goddard and Lori Eckhardt.



11:20 � 11:40 AM


Genetic selection of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) with near infrared spectroscopy for combined root disease resistance and forest products


Brian Via, Lori Eckhardt, and Gifty Acquah






12:00-1:00 PM


Dining Hall









Session III � Student Competition

1:00-1:15 PM

Mycorrhizal communities in Imperata cylindrical invaded and non-invaded commercial Pinus taeda stands.

Adam Trautwig, Lori Eckhardt and Jason Hoeksema


1:15 � 1:30PM

The good and the bad: Trade-offs between disease resistance and symbionts in loblolly pine

Brigett Piculell, Jason Hoeksema and Lori Eckhardt


1:30 � 1:45 PM

Protecting American pine forests: are unknown pathogens hiding in Asia?

Craig Bateman and  Jiri Hulcr


1:45 � 2:00 PM

Comparisons of avocado, swampbay and camphor as hosts of Raffaelea lauricola with a gfp-marked strain of the pathogen

A.S. Campbell, R.C. Loetz and U.K. Benny


2:00 - 2:15 PM

Determining fungal communities associated with the bark beetle Dendroctonus approximatus in Mexico and Central America

Tessa Bauman, Lori Eckhardt, Roger Menard, Willhelum deBeer, Alberto Sediles and Mike Wingfield


2:15 � 2:30 PM

Interaction of altered tropospheric ozone concentrations with loblolly pine decline

Jeff Chieppa, Art Chappelka and Lori Eckhardt


2:30 � 2:45 PM

Herbicide tolerance and weed control in understory species of longleaf pine ecosystems

Nick Barnwell and Scott Enebak



2:45- 3:00 PM

The development of a laurel wilt resistance screening program of redbay (Persea borbonia)

Marc Hughs and Jason Smith







Session IV � Paper Presentations







3:30-3:50 PM

The effect of the fungicide Proline on seedling nutrition

Tom Starkey and Scott Enebak


3:50 � 4:10 PM

Improved semi-selective medium for Heterobasidion irregular isolation and spore trapping

Michelle Cram


4:10 � 4:30 PM

Evaluation of MBr alternatives on loblolly pine production and seedling quality over three growing seasons at the Pine Hill nursery in Camden, Alabama.

Scott Enebak and Tom Starkey


4:30 � 4:50

Evaluation of plastic tarps, reduced rates and low-impact application methods of soil fumigants on loblolly pine seedling production

Scott Enebak and Tom Starkey


6:00 � 7:00 PM


Dining Hall





Poster  Session and Social

7:30 - ???

Screening Loblolly pine families for wood chemistry

Gifty Acquah, Brian Via, Lori Eckhardt and O Fasina.



Investigating the cause of mass-dieback of slash pine in central Florida

Adam Black, Claudia Paez and Jason Smith





Wednesday  January 15, 2014









7:00-7:30 AM


Dining Hall

Load Vans for Tours

8:00 AM



Escambia Experimental Forest




Box Lunch  at Escambia

11:30-12:30 PM



Return to Dixon Center

1:30 PM



Tour Dixon Center Sites

2:00-4:00 PM




6:00 � 7:00 PM


Dining Hall

Awards Presentations

7:30-10:00 PM


Longleaf Auditorium





Thursday  January 16, 2014





7:00-7:30 AM


Dining Hall

Business Meeting

8:00-9:00 AM


Longleaf Auditorium

Adjourn � Have a safe trip home

9:00 AM




Deadline for registration is December 1, 2013.  Registration fees cover three nights room (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), breakfasts (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), dinners (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), lunch (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), and breaks beginning on Monday evening through Thursday lunch.

Professional = $280 (late = $330)
Student = $210 (late = $250)

Registration will be through Auburn University.  Click here to register for the meeting.

Please contact Elizabeth Bowersock  at 334.844.1012 if you have any questions.

Tax ID Number for SWFDW: 75-3111547.


Each participating agency or institution (e.g., University Department, Company, State Agency, USDA, Forest Service Unit) is invited to submit a brief summary of its projects, progress, personnel, etc. This summary should not be elaborate, but should provide participants with an overview of what is happening and who is doing it in each particular organization.  Project Reviews should not exceed two sides (front/back) of an 8 � X 11 sheet of paper (minimum 1" margins for collating purposes).

E-mail a copy of your review no later than December 1, 2013.

Scott Enebak
Auburn University
Forestry and Wildlife Building
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

Please use the following heading and format:

Please use the following heading and format:


Southwide Forest Disease Workshop

Andalusia, Alabama

January 14-16, 2014




Project Title

Project Staff



Individual Papers:

Participants are invited to make 15-minute paper presentations scheduled for Tuesday  or  Thursday morning.  We are looking at 10-15 minute presentations.  We will need a title/author/abstract to compile presentations into broad groups.  Deadline for inclusion is December 1, 2013.

Student Research Papers Award:

Students (current, and those completing their studies during calendar year 2013) are encouraged to present papers on their student research.  Presentations should be limited to 10 minutes so as to allow five minutes for discussion. Student papers will be judged with a plaque and $100 cash award given to the author of the best paper.   Abstracts/Titles/Authors of presentations (both professional and student) will need to be submitted to be included in this session. Deadline for inclusion is December 1, 2013.

Please use the following heading and format: 1





Southwide Forest Disease Workshop

Andalusia, Alabama

January 14 - 16, 2014

1. Denote if part of student competition.


This year we are also offering the opportunity to present a poster.  Abstracts of posters are requested for collating in the workshop proceedings and should be limited to one side of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper with 1" margins.  Authors will be responsible for posting their display which will be during the the evening of Tuesday January 14, 2014. Poster submissions should be 4' by 4', and materials to hang posters will be provided for you.

To be included in the Poster Session, please have a 1-page abstract formatted as either an Individual Paper or Student Presentation by December 1, 2013.

Please use the following heading and format:





Southwide Forest Disease Workshop

Andalusia, Alabama

January 14 - 16, 2014

Southwide Forest Disease Workshop Awards

Outstanding Forest Pathology Paper Awards:

As in the past, two awards for outstanding forest pathology papers will be awarded; one for RESEARCH and one for EXTENSION.  Authors should provide a reprint for material published January 2011 through October 2013, labeled for category of entry;  Research or Extension.  The papers will be posted on the web and voted on by the SWFDW membership.  Papers to be considered must be received no later than  November 1, 2013.  Mail or email reprints to:

Scott Enebak
School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
602 Duncan Drive
Suite 3301
Auburn University, AL 36849

Ballots and Reprints will be Available on the website  Click HERE for PDF Reprints after November 1, 2013.

Mail or e-mail completed Ballots to:

Lori Eckhardt
Auburn University
School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849

Deadline to vote and get ballot to Lori Eckhardt is December 1, 2013.

Forest Pathology Digital Image (Slide) Contest:

A $20 cash prize will be offered for first place in each of 5 categories.  The categories are 1) Symptoms, 2) Signs, 3) Comedy (submit a caption with your slide unless it speaks for itself), 4) Pathologist at work and 5) Slide Series (maximum of 5 images per series).  You may enter any or all categories but limit your submissions to 2 entries per category so that we might encourage competition.  Bring your slides, or your images with you and we will put together an ad hoc judging panel.  Participation is crucial to a good contest.

Southern Forest Pathologists' Achievement Award:

This award is conferred on individuals who, over a sustained period of time or through particularly noteworthy accomplishments, have made outstanding contributions to forest pathology in the southern United States.  Nominations are requested from the SWFDW membership and must be accompanied by 1) a letter of support detailing the contribution(s) of the nominee(s), and 2) a list of at least 10 supporting signatures from the SWFDW membership.  Recipients will be selected for this prestigious award by a � majority vote of the Achievement Award Committee which shall consist of active past award recipients plus the sitting SWFDW Steering Committee and three ad hoc members from the SWFDW membership appointed by the current SWFDW Chair/Co-chairs for the purpose.  For purposes of this process, �active� (above) shall be defined as having participated in or attended at least one of the past three Southwide Forest Disease Workshops.

Past Award Recipients:  E. B. Cowling, H. R. Powers, D. G. Marx, G. Snow, W. J. Stambaugh, E. G. Kuhlman, C. E. Cordell, W. Kelly, R. A. Schmidt, T. Miller, E. L. Barnard and Steve Oak.

2012 Steering Committee Members:

Michelle Cram - Historian; USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Athens, GA
Steve Fraedrich - FS Representative; USDA, Forest Service, Southern Research Station, Athens, GA
Bill Jones - Forest Health Protection, USDA, Forest Service, Asheville, NC
Lori Eckhardt - Secretary, Auburn University, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn, AL
Steve Oak - Treasurer; USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, Asheville, NC
Scott Enebak -  Webmaster; Auburn University, School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn, AL

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