My name is Mary and I'm 24 years old. I'm a graphic design major at Auburn University in Auburn Alabama. I am your typical college student who enjoys procrastinating with her friends. I hope to graduate from Auburn within the next year.

I enjoy reading, watching good movies, making fun of bad movies, drawing, and other random dorky things. Please make sure you check out some of the other sections I have to offer. For now, here's a little more about me...


I love night time the best. The moon is my favorite thing. Polar bears and cats are my favorite animals. Wislawa Szymborksa is my favorite poet. I don't like reading fiction books. I'm right-handed. My full name is Mary Anne Elizabeth Ferguson. I think Martha Stewart is really nifty and I have an autographed picture of her. I like art history. I know a little bit of Italian. I like to wear flip flops all summer long. I want to go to Italy someday. My favorite colors are blue and red. I used to have a radically dyed streak of red in my hair. I've never seen E.T. all the way through. I get hiccups everytime I eat bread. I hate it when people lie alot. I hate the taste of Bell Peppers. I am terrified of spiders. I love the smell of cheap double bubble bubblegum. I like music very much. I like to be outdoors- especially at night. I sing in my car. I like fresh flowers. I hate cooking. I actually like to write English papers. My two favorite movies are American Beauty and Mermaids. Dot is my favorite Animaniac. I was born June 19th, 1978 at 12.39 am. I wish that PeeWee's playhouse still came on TV. I have bunches of CDs. I think that Twin Peaks was one of the greatest series ever made. My favorite day of the week is Thursday. I always sleep with a bunch of pillows. I like to roll my Italian R's. I hate orange kool-aid. I really like Tori Amos. I really like the Counting Crows. Pearl Jam is my favorite band. I like talking to people. I like to write. I enjoy cleaning sometimes - except for the kitchen. I never watch TV. I get bored really easily. I like video games. I'm not keeping up with how many facts I have listed so far. I own a magic 8 ball in which I consult frequently. I believe in wishes. I think owls are cool animals. I like flowers and plants. Daisies and orchids are my favorite flowers. I have a thing for accents. I am a xenophiliac-which means I have a fascination with all things foreign. I think I have more than 50 facts here.