I have mentioned in class that the Case, Fair, and Oster text contains no useful information about the Austrian School. Ocassionally, students asked me where they can find useful information on this school of thought. In response to these inquires, I am posting a chapter from Brian Snowdon and Howard R. Vane's Modern Macroeconomics: Its Origins, Developmient and Current State (Aldershot, England: Edwrd Elgar, 2005). This book is aimed at undergraduates, though not at the principles level--which is why I hesitated to make this chapter a regular reading assignment. (Read it, then, only if you feel the motivation.)
        Snowdon and Vane have a much greater appreciation for the Austrian school than does Case, Fair, and Oster. However, they decided to ask me to write this chapter for their book. I think you will find it to be readable, and you will certainly recognize the graphs as the ones you have seen in class.

The chapter is posted in two formats here: .html and .pdf. I recommend the .pdf file if you want a printed copy.

The Austrian School: Capital Based Macroeconomics (an .html file)
The Austrian School: Capital Based Macroeconomics (a .pdf file)