Answer Sheet for the problems on the PowerPoint file SLOPE AND MORE
Answers, Explanations, and Elaborations

Fill in the blanks in the statements below and then answer questions 2 through 8. Show your work.
2. What is the slope of the roof of this garage? 

3. How tall is this evergreen tree? 

4. What is the slope of this line? 

5. How far does this luggage fall? 

6.What is the Marginal Propensity to Consume? 
    (It's the slope of the line.) 

(6b) How much would people spend on consumption goods (C) even if their incomes (Y) fell temporarily to zero? 

7. How much do people spend on consumption goods (C) when total income (Y) is 35? 

(7b) How much do they save? 

(7c) How much would the investment communtiy have to spend for the economy to be in equilibrium with Y = 35 

8. What is the equilibium level of income? 

(8b) How much are people saving? 

(8c) How much are they spending on consumption goods? 

(8d) Can you say whether or not the labor force is fully employed?