Just Guitars

and a drum machine, computer, some recording software, and several audio processors

Updated March, 2009


Song Code/Description (3 Minutes of your life, and a train wreck at the end)
Full Throttle / Not that Full but someday I'll practice and learn to shred - I'll never be Greg Howe
First / My first song with SONAR 7 - I'm getting tired of Cakewalk (lotsa dropout). I added some filter and pitch-shift action.
Jungle / A kid on Geoffy's soccer team asked me if I could play this song; the question is still open since I was only going from my recollection of listening to the song many years ago.
BABE / A free-flowing song; perhaps it would flow better if it wasn't so free (got a little loosey-goosey in spots).
Class / This is a song I recorded and played for Geoff's 5th grade class; 90 of the best listeners you could hope to have. To the recital, I brought my laptop, guitar, processor/sound card, and computer speakers.
There She Goes / I like pop music too.

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