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Research Interests: Isotope Geochemistry, Igneous Petrology, Geochemical Modeling, Mass Spectrometry, Tectonics
2012- Associate Professor, Auburn University
2008-2012, Assistant Professor, Auburn University
2002-2008, Research Scientist (with Principal Investigator Status) (UCLA)
1999-2002, National Science Foundation Postdoc Fellow (UCLA)
1999, Ph.D., Florida State University (Dept of Geological Sciences and National High Magnetic Field Laboratory )
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Fellow, Geological Society of America (since 2011)
Fellow, National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (1998)

Membership and Professional Services
Member (Elected 2008), IPACES
Editorial Board Member: Chemical Geology (2005-2008)
Editorial Board Member: Acta Geologica Sinica (English Edition) (2014-)
Member, Geochemical Society, American Geophysical Union, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Haibo's Book [Zou, H.B., 2007. Quantitative Geochemistry, Imperial College Press, London, 304pp.] web pages at Amazon.com and publisher Imperial College Press (The first print in 2007 was sold out. The second print in 2009 is available.)
It is rigorous, lucid, and user-friendly ... Nice touches. -- Stanley R Hart, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/MIT. 'Quantitative Geochemistry' offers the most complete compendium of analytical solutions to mass balance and transport models relevant to igneous petrology, ..., this is a valuable and highly recommended book.” --Geochemical Society

Graduate Students (as Major Professor): Ross T. Tucker, Yang Peng, Mingjia Ma, Katherine L. Spyker
Graduate Students (as Committee Member): Johnny Prouty, John Hawkins, Joe Abrahams, Erin Summerlin, James Gunn
Intern: Kristen McCall
Visiting Scholars: Dr. Chuan-Lin Zhang, Dr. Yongwei Zhao

Haibo's Teaching at Auburn since Fall 2008: GEOL 1100 (Physical Geology); GEOL 2050 (Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology); GEOL 7200 (Tectonics graduate); GEOL 7600 (Petrology graduate).
2008 Spring, "Geochemical Modelling" (UCLA graduate)

Peer-reviewed Articles

2014 (9 papers)
[65] Zou, H.B., Fan, Q.C., Zhang, H.F. and Schmitt, A.K. (2014) U-series zircon age constraints on the plumbing system and magma residence times of the Changbai volcano, China/North Korea border. Lithos 200-201, 169-180. Link to article

[64] Zou, H. B. (2014) Error propagation. In: Holland H.D. and Turekian K.K. (eds.) Treatise on Geochemistry, Second Edition, vol. 15, pp. 33-42. Oxford: Elsevier (Invited). Link to article

[63] Zou, H. B., Shen, C. C., Fan, Q. C. and Lin, K.(2014) U-series disequilibrium in Tengchong volcanics: Recycling of mature clay sediments or mudstones into the SE Tibetan mantle. Lithos 192-195, 132-141. Link to article

[62] Zhang, C.L., Zou, H.B., Santosh, M., Ye, X.T. and Li, H.K. (2014) Is the Precambrian basement of the Tarim Craton in NW China composed of discrete terranes? Precambrian Research 254: 226-244. Link to article

[61] Zhang, C.L., Zou, H.B., Yao, C. Y. and Dong, Y. G. (2014) Origin of Permian gabbroic intrusions in the southern margin of the Altai Orogenic belt: A possible link to the Permian Tarim mantle plume? Lithos 204, 112-124. Link to article

[60] Zhao, Y.W., Fan, Q.C., Zou, H.B. and Li, N. (2014) Geochemistry of Quaternary basaltic lavas from the Nuomin volcanic field, Inner Mongolia: Implications for the origin of potassic volcanic rocks in Northeastern China. Lithos, 196-197, 169-180. Link to article

[59] Xia Y., Xu, X. S. and Zou, H. B. and Liu, L. (2014) Early Paleozoic crust-mantle interaction and lithosphere delamination in South China Block: Evidence from geochronology, geochemistry, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopes of granites. Lithos 184-187, 416-435. Link to article

[58] Fan, Q.C., Chen, S.S., Zhao, Y.W., Zou, H.B., Li, N. and Sui, J.L. (2014) Petrogenesis and evolution of Quaternary basaltic rocks from the Wulanhada area, North China. Lithos 206-207: 289-302. Link to article

[57] Zhao, Y.W., Li, N., Fan, Q.C., Zou, H.B. and Xu, Y.G. (2014) Two episodes of volcanism in the Wudalianchi volcanic belt, NE China: Evidence for tectonic controls on volcanic activities. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 285: 170-179. Link to article

2013 (8 papers)
[56] Zhang, C. L., Santosh, M., Zou, H. B., Li, H. K. and Huang, W. C. 2013. The Fuchuan ophiolite in Jiangnan Orogen: geochemistry, zircon U-Pb geochronology, Hf isotopes and implications for the Neoproterozoic assembly of South China. Lithos 179, 263-274. Link to article

[55] Schmitt, A. K., Martin, A., Weber, B., Stockli, D. F., Zou, H. B. and Shen, C. C. (2013) Magmatic diversity in the Pleistocene-Holocene Northern Gulf of California Rift. Bulletin of Geological Society of America 125, 1833-1850. Link to article

[54] Xu, B., Zou, H. B., Chen, Y., He, J. Y. and Wang, Y. (2013) The Sugetbrak basalts from northwestern Tarim Block of northwest China: Geochronology, geochemistry and implications for Rodinia breakup and ice age in the Late Proterozoic. Precambrian Research 236: 214-226. Link to article

[53] Tucker, R. T., Zou, H. B., Fan, Q. C. and Schmitt, A. K. (2013) Ion microprobe dating of zircons from active Dayingshan volcano, Tengchong, SE Tibetan Plateau: time scales and nature of magma chamber storage. Lithos, v. 172-173, p. 214-221. Link to article

[52] Zhang, C. L. and Zou, H. B. (2013) Permian A-type granites in Tarim and western part of Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB): genetically related to a common Permian mantle plume? Lithos, v. 172-173, p. 47-60. Link to article

[51] Hong, W. T., Xu, X. S. and Zou, H. B. (2013) Petrogenesis of coexisting high-silica aluminous and peralkaline rhyolites from Yunshan (Yongtai), southeastern China. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 74: 316-329. Link to article

[50] Zhang, C. L. and Zou, H. B. (2013) Comparison between the Permian mafic dykes in Tarim and the western part of Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), NW China: Implications for two mantle domains of the Permian Tarim Large Igneous Province. Lithos 174: 15-27. Link to article

[49] Zhang, C. L., Zou, H. B., Li, H. K. and Wang, H. Y. (2013) Tectonic framework and evolution of the Tarim Block in NW China. Gondwana Research 23: 1306-1315. Link to article

2012 (4 papers)
[48] Zhang, C. L., Zou, H. B., Wang, H. Y., Li, H. K. and Ye, H. M. (2012) Multiple phases of the Neoproterozoic igneous activity in Qurutagh of the northeastern Tarim Block, NW China: Interaction between plate subduction and mantle plume? Precambrian Research, v. 222-223, p. 488-502. Link to article

[47] Liu, L., Xu, X.S. and Zou, H.B. (2012) Episodic eruptions of the Late Mesozoic volcanic sequences in southeastern Zhejiang, SE China: Petrogenesis and implications for the geodynamics of paleo-Pacific subduction. Lithos, v. 154, p.166-180. Link to article

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[45] Zhang, C.L., Li, H.K., Santosh, M., Li, Z.X., Zou, H.B., Wang, H.Y. and Ye, H.M. (2012) Precambrian evolution and cratonization of the Tarim Block, NW China: Petrology, geochemistry, Nd-isotopes and U-Pb zircon geochronology from Archean gabbro-TTG-potassic granite suite and Paleoproterozoic metamorphic belt. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences v. 47, p. 5-20. Link to article

[44] Zou, H. B. and Fan, Q.C. (2012) Uranium-thorium isotope disequilibrium in young volcanic rocks from China. Acta Petrologica Sinica, v. 27, p. 2821-2826.

2010 (6 papers)
[43] Zou, H. B. and Fan, Q. C. (2010) U-Th isotopes in Hainan basalts: Implications for deep origin of EM2 mantle endmember and the dynamics of melting beneath Hainan Island. Lithos, v. 116, p. 145-152. Link to article

[42] Zou, H. B., Fan, Q. C., Schmitt, A. K. and Sui, J. L. (2010) U-Th dating of zircons from Holocene potassic andesites (Maanshan volcano, Tengchong, SE Tibetan Plateau) by depth profiling: time scales and nature of magma storage. Lithos, v. 118, p. 202-210. Link to article

[41] Zou, H. B., Fan, Q. C. and Zhang, H. F. (2010) Rapid development of the great Millennium eruption of Changbaishan (Tianchi) volcano, China/North Korea: Evidence from U-Th zircon dating. Lithos, v. 119, p. 289-296. Link to article

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1993 and before (in journals from China)
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