Zdenko KrticZdenko Krtic

Faultline_1 Faultline_2 Faultline_3 Faultline_4 Faultline_7 Faultline_9 Faultline_9 Faultline_9 Crane Oil Refinery Stents Vanishing Waterboarding
Fault Lines

encaustic, laser engraving, cuts, and pigment on panel, dimensions variable, 2004-08

In these works, the concentrated beam of laser light burns and orders the surfaces. The images explored here consist of various maps (political, both current and historic, and physical topographies of both the environment and ourselves/bodies). The laser head dances nimbly, moving with imperceptible speed, burning the lights and shadows of its digital memory into the bed of pigmented wax. It serves as a mapping device—the latest technological tool “drawing” over the ancient painting medium of encaustic. The images, often technical and scientific in origin, are given new life and materiality.

Yet the light, the medium that baptizes the newly reconstructed image, causes its demise as well. What magically appears on the surface is short-lived, as the wax gives away, melts, and caves on itself. New fault lines appear—shifting the forms away from equilibrium.