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The Dandelion Society

More tragic than natural disasters are the harm people cause themselves, others, and the planet from misguided values.

The Dandelion Society believes that much good can come from examining our values and changing the counterproductive ones. The sun-bright dandelion plant is the symbol of this organization because it is a magnificent plant with its yellow flowers and white seed heads, and yet it is hated. In many countries of the world it is considered a gourmet vegetable. The U.S. Department of Agriculture places the dandelion before broccoli and spinach in nutritional value. The dandelion also enriches the soil by converting nitrogen to nitrates (fertilizer), and yet we hate it.

Despite its many virtues, the dandelion society is considered a weed in modern America. Its only fault being that it grows too well. If instead it were hard to grow, it would certainly be a very desirable expensive plant.

Modern American expends much money and effort to kill the dandelion. We poison the environment with herbicides because we value highly the lawn that looks as good as Astroturf where dandelions are weeds to be exterminated.

The understanding of human values in relation to dandelions can shed light on the larger world and thereby hopefully change them. The Dandelion Society invites you in our quest for a better world by identifying misguided values and weeding them out.



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