Ming-Kuo Lee


Ph.D. 1993, M.S. 1990, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
B.S. 1984, National Taiwan University
Tel: 334-844-4898
E-mail: leeming@auburn.edu

Research Interests

Current research topics span many different areas of hydrogeology:
  1. Groundwater geochemistry and microbiology: Water-sediment-bacteria interaction in coastal plain aquifers
  2. Arsenic Groundwater Contamination: Linked geologic and microbial processes
  3. Hydroseimicity: Earthquake butterfly, Overpressure in New Madrid Seismic Zone
  4. Basin hydrology modeling: Groundwater flow, heat transfer, sediment diagenesis, hydrocarbon generation and migration in sedimentary basins
  5. Flow in fractured media: Transport and flow in fractured media
  6. Bioremediation: In situ (field) bioremediation of metals-contaminated groundwater
  7. Groundwater resources in Alabama: Reactive transport and biomineralization of heavy metals

Courses Taught

  1. Physical Geology (Blackboard)
  2. Groundwater Hydrogeologic Modeling
  3. Hydrogeology (Blackboard)
  4. Environmental Geology (Blackboard)
  5. Mineral Resources and Environments


Field Hydrology Research

Graduate Students and Research

WET Outreach Program

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