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John Ching-Ming Lin

John Ching-Ming Lin, Ph.D
Research Associate III
109 Upchurch Hall
Animal & Dairy Sciences Department
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
E-mail jlin@acesag.auburn.edu

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Ph.D., 1983, Nutrition, Auburn University
M.S., 1972, Horticulture, Auburn University
B.S., 1966, Horticulture, National Taiwan University


Senior Research Associate
at Animal & Dairy Sciences Department in Auburn University. 09/1991-present. Nutrient deficiency and mastitis. Metabolic disease control. Feather meal or yeast culture as a supplement to total mixed ration for lactating cows. Cottonseed hulls, lupin silage as a forage resource for lactating dairy cows.

Visiting Assistant Professor
at college of agriculture in Tuskegee university. 01/1990-12/1990. teaching human nutrition undergraduate class, teaching advanced nutrition for dietician class and research in nutrition for graduate class.

Research Associate
at college of agriculture, cell science center in Auburn university. 09/1998-08/1991. Mass production of single cell protein and other microbial metabolites.

Laboratory Technician
at Animal & Dairy Sciences in Auburn University. 09/1984-08/1988. Evaluation of urea as a feed preservatives.

Laboratory Technician
at school of Pharmacy in Auburn University. 09/1981-08/1984. Chemical synthesis of anti-convulsion drugs.

Research Associate
at Chemical Engineering Department in Auburn University. 01/1978-08/1981. Involved in biofuel gas-alcohol production.

(1) Grant received:

Title: Silage System
Source: Southern Agricultural Research Education
Amount: $ 10,000

Year: 1996
Title: Calf Nutrition
Source: Diamond V Mill, Iowa.
Amount: $ 10,000

Year: 1995
PI:Van Santen, Moss, Lin Crews, Guertal
Title Intercropping
Source:Southern Agricultural Research Education
Amount: $ 142,000

(2)Attempts to obtain funds:

PI:Muntifering, Lin, Chappelka
Title:Forage quality
Amount: $ 291,000


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