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Essay and paper writing guides

Below is a list of writing guides that should help you in organizing your essays. You should print these out and always have them handy as you start developing your ideas for an essay.

No matter how great the substance of your essays is, it may not covey what you want it to convey if the structure is confusing. These guides will help you focus on organizing your thoughts into a well-formed essay.

It is your responsibility to know what "plagiarism" means. I intend to report any instnace of plagiarism!

  1. Writing process template
  2. Brainstorming and topic development
  3. Developing topic sentences
  4. Guide to writing a basic essay
  5. Developing a thesis
  6. Organizing your paper
  7. Checklist for revising world literature essays
  8. Handouts designed for English Center Users
  9. What essay grades mean

Use the Writing process template for composing each of your paragraphs in the short essays. Have this template handy when you come for consultations.

The staff at the English Writing Center are ready to help you with any specific needs.

Essay and term paper topics