Russian Icons: Index

  1. Angel. ( 59K) Novgorod School.
  2. Annunciation from Ustyug. ( 87K) Novgorod School, 12th century.
  3. Archangel Gabriel. ( 52K) Novgorod School, 15th century.
  4. Archangel Michael (131K)
  5. Assuption of the Virgin, Detail. (104K) Novgorod School, early 16th century.
  6. Boris and Gleb. (110K) Moscow School, late 13th century.
  7. Christ's Descent into Hell. ( 88K) Vologda, late 15th century.
  8. Christ's Descent into Limbo. ( 96K) Dionissius. Moscow School, 1500-1502
  9. Christ's Descent into Limbo. (107K) Dionissius. Moscow School, 1500-1502
  10. Christ's Descent into Limbo, with Chosen Saints. (100K) Pskov School, early 16th century
  11. Christ Immanuel. ( 60K) Simon Ushakov, 1697.
  12. Christ of the Fiery Eye. (102K) 14th century
  13. Crucifixion. ( 73K) Dionissius, late 15th-early 16th century.
  14. Defence of Novgorod against the Troops of Suzda. (111K) Novgorod School, 15th century.
  15. Deposition of Christ. ( 90K) Late 15th century.
  16. Divine Fatherhood. (104K) Novgorod School, 14th century.
  17. Dormition of the Virgin. ( 91K) Theophanes the Greek, late 14th century.
  18. Dormition of the Virgin. (140K) Novgorod School, first half of the 13th century.
  19. Elijah the Prophet. ( 73K)
  20. Elija's Ascent to Heaven. ( 97K) North Russian School, 16th century.
  21. Elijah the Prophet in the Desert. (105K) North Russia.
  22. Elijah the Prophet in the Desert. (115K) North Russia.
  23. Exaltation of the Cross. (126K) Novgorod School.
  24. God Appearing in the Form of Angels to Abraham and Sarah. ( 83K)
  25. Holy Trinity. (109K) Andrei Rublev, 1411.
  26. Holy Trinity with Scenes from Genesis. (187K) Tsar's Workshop, 1670
  27. In Thee Rejoices All Creation. ( 98K) Dionissius School, early 16th century
  28. Intercession of the Mother of God. ( 99K) North Russia.
  29. Jacob Brother of Christ, St Nicholas and Ignatius Theophoros. (116K) Novgorod School
  30. John the Benefactor. (115K) Novgorod School, 16th century.
  31. Life of Metropolitan Peter. (106K)
  32. Nativity of Christ. Warrior before King Harod. (108K) North Russia.
  33. Our Lady of Kykkos. ( 64K) Simon Ushakov, 1688.
  34. Our Lady of Refuge and Succour. ( 93K) Novgorod School, late 14th-early 15th century.
  35. Our Lady of the Don. ( 76K) Theophanes the Greek, late 14th century.
  36. Our Lady of the Monastery of the Caves. ( 92K) Kiev School, 1299
  37. Our Lady of the Monastery of the Caves, between St Nicetas and St Anastasia. (102K) Stroganov School, late 16th century.
  38. Our Lady of the Sign. (117K) Novgorod School, 13th century.
  39. Our Lady of Vladimir "The Planting of the Tree of Russian Sovereignty". ( 96K) Simon Ushakov, 1668
  40. Our Lady: The Enclosed Garden. ( 39K) Nikita Pavlovets, late 17th century.
  41. Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple. (120K) Novgorod School, late 15th century
  42. Prince Andrei Bogolyubskii. (108K)
  43. Prince Skopin-Shuiski ( 89K) Moscow School, 17th century
  44. Redeemer. (109K) Novgorod School, 12th century.
  45. Redeemer. ( 55K) Andrei Rublev, 1409
  46. Redeemer Not Painted by Human Hands. ( 77K) Simon Ushakov, 1657.
  47. Redeemer with the Moist Beard. ( 97K) Novgorod School, 15th century.
  48. Royal Family of Nicholas II. ( 80K)
  49. Savior with an Icon Cover (140K) 17th century.
  50. St Demetrius of Thessalonica Enthroned. (101K) Vladimir-Suzdal School, 12th century
  51. St Demetrius of Thessalonica with Dmitri, Son of Ivan IV. (137K)Prokopi Chirin, 1620
  52. St Florus and St Laurus. (101K) Moscow School, 16th century.
  53. St George. (110K) 11th-12th century.
  54. St George and the Dragon. ( 93K)
  55. St George and the Miracle of the Serpent. ( 87K) Vologda region, late 15th-early 16th century.
  56. St Innocent. Enlightener of Alaska. Apostle to America. ( 52K)
  57. St John the Forerunner. (138K) Moscow School, 17th century.
  58. St John the Forerunner in the Wilderness. (104K) Palekh, 18th century
  59. St John 'the Ladder' between St George and St Vlassi. ( 76K) Novgorod School, 13th century.
  60. St Nicholas. ( 91K) Pskov School, 15th-16t century.
  61. St Nicholas the Miracle Worker. Birth and Childhood. (117K) Semeika Borozdin, Stroganov School, 17th century.
  62. St Nicholas the Miracle Worker, Detail. Birth and Childhood. ( 91K) Semeika Borozdin, Stroganov School, 17th century.
  63. St Nicholas with Scenes from his Life. ( 91K)
  64. St Nicholas with Scenes from his Life, Detail. ( 57K)
  65. St Nicholas with Scenes from his Life (123K) 14th-15th century.
  66. St Nicholas with Scenes from his Life. (107K) Moscow School, 14th-17th century.
  67. St Paraskeva-Pyatnitsa. (111K) Novgorod School, 13th century.
  68. St Paraskeva, St George the Theologian, St John Chrysostom and Basil the Great. (136K) Pskov School, 14th century.
  69. St Paul the Apostle. ( 73K) Andrei Rublev, 1407
  70. Sts Peter and Paul. ( 94K) North Russia.
  71. Transfiguration. ( 96K) Novgorod School, 15th century.
  72. Transfiguration. (123K) Theophanes the Greek, late 14th century.
  73. Virgin Odigitria. ( 89K) Dionissius. Moscow School.
  74. Virgin Odigitria, Detail. ( 85K) Dionissius. Moscow School.
  75. Virgin of Compassion. (112K) 18th century
  76. Virgin of Compassion, Detail (the Ailing). (131K) 18th century
  77. Virgin of Compassion, Detail (forest scene). (117K) 18th century
  78. Virgin of the Sign, Prophet Elijah, St Nicholas and St John the Precursor. (111K) Novgorod School, 15th century
  79. Virgin Orans (The Graet Panagia). ( 98K) Kiev or Yaroslavl, 12th century
  80. Vision of the Sacristan Terassi. (124K) Novgorod School, 16th century.
  81. Vladimir Mother of God. (102K) 12th century.

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