Lab News. Headlines and Highlights


Gordon Conference, AEM.

Kiel, Germany trip

Current Events:

NSF GK12 Conference: Organization and bacterial assemblage of the glandular papillae of the comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi.  3/26-30/2009. Erin Dodson, Ph.D. student and Anthony Moss

Past News:

ASCB 47th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA December 2008. Matt Dodson, MS student and Dr. Moss each presented posters.

Jack Costello, Providence College

Robert Zeller, Univ. Cal. San Diego

Science Cafe at the Gnu's Room "Microbes, Jellies and Global Warming: What's the connection?", Sept., 2008. Anthony Moss

Alabama Academy of Science, Samford University March 2008

ASCB 47th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 2007

Willie Wilson, Bigelow Labs, Maine, visited on 16th November, 2007, 3 pm, 112 Life Sciences Building

ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL
    Abstract deadline is 2. October, 2007!
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ASM/Southeast, Auburn, AL November 2007

Matt Dodson Awarded a Graduate School Research Fellowship
    September, 2007!!!

Kinley Beck Awarded a Fund for Excellence Fellowship!! Sept 2007

Khristian Smith presented at ISOP, Providence Rhode Island, August 2007

Senior MBL Summer Fellowship for Summer, 2007

Sequencing the Sea, London, UK, April/May 2007

Erin Donovan awarded a GK-12 Fellowship!!!

NSF MO/MIP Workshop, Washington DC, March, 2007

ASLO Victoria, June, 2006

AL Academy of Science, March, 2006

MOVEs with Dr. Eric Wommack, Dr. Feng Chen and Dr. Wayne Coats

NSF MO PI Investigator's Workshop, Big Sky, MO, September, 2004