Ctenophore Parasites

Trichodina ctenophorii

Ciliates of the Order Peritrichida, Suborder Mobilina found on the ciliary comb plates of ctenophores.

They are related to freshwater Vorticella, but lack the stalk, so that they can swim freely.


T. ctenophorii attached to a comb plate (SEM)                        Comb plate heavily infested with trichodinids (DIC)

Estes, Reynolds, Morgan and Moss, 1997. J. Euk. Microbiol


Gymnamoebae, or "naked amoebae" lack a shell-like test, unlike testate amoebae.


Comb plate amoebae  (SEM)                                               Comb plate amoebae

Moss et al., 2001. Hydrobiologia XXX:ppp

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Probably a species of Oodinium (see Cachon and Cachon, (journal, year))


oodinid dinoflagellate (note fimbrae)                                   oodinid dinoflagellate


Moss et al., 2001. Hydrobiologia XXX:ppp

Cachon and Cachon

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