Moss Laboratory Protocols


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Culturing and harvesting techniques

Amoeba Culture

Maciver Lab Protocols

"M" medium protocol (old photocopy)

Chlamydomonas media (from

Chlamydomonas Methods

Environmental Analysis

Phosphate Analysis

Chlorophyll a Analysis

DNA Protocols

               Chloroform Isoamyl Alcohol Phenol: CIP Methodology  

  CTAB / Hot Detergent

Specific PCR Protocols

Protein Protocols

Protein Harvesting Considerations

Gel Electrophoresis Methods



DNA Agarose Gels


Microscopy Protocols

Electron Microscopy:

LKB Knifebreaker

Trimming and sectioning

Infiltration and embedment: Spurrs

Infiltration and embedment: Durcupan ACM



"Simultaneous" fixation protocol for gelatinous organisms

Muscle fixation

Coral fixation methods

Fixation for subsequent immunostaining



Staining of sections: TEM and LM

Toluidine Blue O for light microscopy of 1/4 micron sections

Uranyl Acetate / Silver Nitrate / Lead Citrate methods

Reduction of Autofluorescence (From WCIF)

Electrophysiology Techniques

Coming soon...


Laboratory Materials Handling

is regulated by

Auburn University Risk Management and Safety

Risk Management Homepage

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Auburn University, AL 36849

Fax: 334-844-4640
Hours: 7:45 - 4:45

Chemicals are inventoried at a central server location under the...

Chematix Program

Check that website for up-to-date information on training at chemicals handling



Shawn McNulty, Laboratory Safety Program Manager/ Biosafety Officer   Cell phone: 740-9711  

Michael Freeman, Hazardous Materials Technician  Cell phone: 740-1267

Mike Anderson, Radiological Safety Officer  Cell phone: 750-9010

Sevgi Kucuktas, Radiation Safety Specialist  Cell phone: 703-0164, Office 844-6238



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