Hand Gestures for Phonemes
Devised by faculty and students at Auburn University
Phoneme  Hand gestures (all objects mentioned are imagined, not actual)
/A/  Fonzie's thumbs up
/a/  Rub beside eyes with fists
/b/ Pat chest for heartbeat; beat drum
/k/  Squeeze nutcracker; swing golf club; pull down index finger to click camera
/d/  Knock on door; dribble basketball
/E/  Raise open hands for shriek
/e/  Push elbows back as a rocking chair; open creaky door; cup hand behind ear
/f/ Claw like angry cat; brush clothing with clothes brush; swirl open hand for electric fan
/g/  Clap hand vertically for croaking frog, raise glass for gulping milk
/h/  Pump arms for panting runner; breathe on cupped hand; nod head like tired dog
/I/  Raise hand in a salute as in "Aye, aye, Captain"; Point thumb toward yourself
/i/  Hold out separated sticky fingers
/j/  Scrub with scrubbrush; file with wood rasp; twirl jump rope
/l/ Raise light saber; lick a lollypop
/m/  Rub tummy; zip up lips
/n/  Drive motorboat
/O/  Nod for "Oh, I see"
/o/  Press thumb for tongue depresser; wipe forehead with back of hand; cover mouth for yawn
/p/ Pop fingers open for popcorn; touch fingers on open hand for water drip;  skip stone ; pop soap bubbles
/kw/  Type with two fingers
/r/ Start a chain saw; clench teeth for growling dog
/s/ Puncture a flat tire; spray hairspray; swirl frying pan for sizzling bacon; undulate hand from side to side for snake; strike down with two fingers for fangs of snake
/t/  Make a pendulum finger for ticking clock; tap watch; listen to watch
/U/  Point like Uncle Sam:  "We want you."
/u/ Pretend to punch your stomach; pull chain on foghorn
/v/ Pretend to shave with electric shaver; extend arms for airplane; push vacuum cleaner
/w/  Twirl a lariat; cast a fly rod; move from side to side like washing maching
/ks/ or /gz/ Open a soda can; squeeze a grease gun
/y/ Slap the side of your leg to spur a horse, "Yah."
/z/  Zip up a coat
/OO/ Raise hands with fingers pointed down like ghost
/oo/  Curl arms to lift weights; pull fists down for chin-up
/oi/ Open squeaky gate
/ou/ Squeeze upper arm after inoculation
/aw/  Flap wings like crow
/ar/  Shift grinding gears
/sh/  Finger to lips for "Be quiet"; wave hose to water the lawn
/hw/ Blow out candle held in hand
/ch/  Revolve fists alternately for wheels of steam train; steer antique car
/th/  or /th/ Peel tape
/ng/ Strike a gong with two hands; pluck string bass
/zh/  Saw a board