"Black Confederates" and Kenneth W. Noe's Perryville

Readers interested in this topic should note that a quotation still found frequently on the internet and attributed to my book Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle is in fact a misquote.  Upon notification in 2005, the author of the document in question assured me that the misquotation was simply a mistake involving a third party, and kindly agreed to revise so that in the future the document no longer mentions me or my book.  I thank him for his courtesy, and refer readers to my book for the actual wording.  For the record, in two decades of researching the Civil War, I personally have run across exactly two accounts involving a very few black Confederates, two or three engaged in a skirmish in Kentucky, and an isolated reference to a few in a Louisiana regiment.  Their status as slaves or soldiers is unknown.  I certainly do not advocate or endorse the idea that thousands of African Americans fought for the Confederacy as enlisted soldiers, because the documents simply do not warrant such a conclusion.  Indeed, the bulk of them suggest the opposite.


Kenneth W. Noe