Feeding Citrus Pulp to Beef Cattle

    Citrus pulp is the residue leftover at the juice has been extracted from the citrus fruits.  In Alabama, all of this will come from Florida and is only seasonally available.  The peak of the citrus season is in mid-winter and thus can sometimes be reasonably priced in January when many other feeds are higher in price.  Common terminology associated with citrus pulp is a certain percentage pellets, thus 60% pulp would refer to a load of citrus pulp that contains 40% pellets and 60% loose pulp.  Citrus pulp is quite low in protein content (approximately 7%) but contains abundant quantities of digestible fiber.  It is a relatively safe feed with little potential for founder and it may take animals a little while to become accustomed to eating it, especially young calves.  Feeding example:  Lactating cow with free-choice, medium-quality hay would winter quite well with 5 to 7 pounds of supplemental citrus pulp per day.  NOTE:  If hay contains less than 10.5% protein then citrus pulp is not a good choice because of its low protein content, it is strictly an energy source.