Paul F. Rumph


Dr. Paul F. Rumph is a professor of veterinary anatomy in the Department of Anatomy and Histology at the College of Veterinary Medicine. He received a DVM degree from Auburn University in 1966 and received a MS degree from Auburn University in 1975. His teaching specialty is anatomy of domestic animals and his primary research interest is animal locomotion. He joined the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in 1971. He received the Norden Distinquished Teaching Award in 1996. He was recognized with the Auburn University Student Government Association's annual teaching awards in veterinary medicine in 1982, 1993 and 1995. In 1993, he received the Merck AgVet Award for Creativity, which is also associated with classroom teaching.

Research Interest:

The primary focus of my research is to examine and analyze various characteristics of animal locomotion and use them to evaluate musculoskeletal functions and diseases. Our laboratory is equipped with a floor mounted force platform for analysis of ground reaction forces during the stance phase of locomotion. With our 2-dimensional kinematic equipment, we are able to study the motion (angular position and acceleration) that occurs at the joints of animals as they walk or trot.

The three major areas of recent study include: the basic locomotor patterns in normal dogs; providing assistance to clinicians in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal diseases in dogs: and, studying the etiology and treatment of arthritis. We also use magnetic resonance imaging, histochemistry and conventional radiography to enhance our understanding of the healing process in bone and joint cartilage.

Selected Publications:

Rumph PF, Kincaid SA, Baird DK, Kammermann J, Visco D, and West M, 1995. Redistribution of vertical ground reaction force in dogs with chronic hind limb lameness. Vet Surgery 24:384-389.

Rumph PF, Lander J, Kincaid SA, Baird DK, Kammermann J, and Visco DM, 1994. Ground reaction force profiles from force platform gait analysis of normal mesomorphic dogs at the trot. Am J Vet Res 55:756-761.

Rumph PF, Kincaid SA, Baird DK, Kammermann J, Visco DM, and Goetze L, 1992. Vertical ground reaction force distribution during experimentally induced acute synovitis in dogs. Am J Vet Res 54:365-369.

Rumph PF, and Hathcock JT, 1990. A symmetric axis-based method for measuring the projected femoral angle of inclination in dogs. Vet Surg 19:328-333.

Rumph PF, and Williams JC, 1988. Efficiency of phenoxyethanol at removing formaldehyde from immersion fixed muscle tissue. Anat Histol Embryol 17:226-231.