The Pongos, mighty beings of the misty rain forests, present those powerful supernatural entities from the smoke-filled recesses of Buffalos American Grille in Auburn, Alabama, that legendary NTN Trivia Team

If any Trivia Team deserves the appelation "legendary, " it is the PANGOS. No other team in the Auburn area has existed for as long. On Tuesday evenings, as the dusk slowly settles (perhaps merely the failure of exhaust fumes to dissipate) over that charming little hamlet, Auburn, Alabama, most of the NTN Trivia Teams that gather at Bufflalos have only one goal in mind. BEAT THE PANGOS!!!!!! Seldom are their hopes realized.

The record speaks for itself. Ten times top Showdown Team. In the TOP 50 more than 40 times. Tops in the bar about 90% of the time. Little need to further belabor the qualities of the PANGOS. From all parts of the universe, the accolade s swell. From the frozen slopes of Anna Purna to the upper canopy of the Bornean forests, from the darkest depths of the Marianas trench to the starkness of the Saharan ergs, all of the team's fans croak, yowl, scream, bleat, crow, cackle and grunt the g lories of the PANGOS.

Come on down to Buffalos this Tuesday evening. Experience an aura unlike any other. Vie with the PANGOS and with those other famous teams, the stylish, postmodern LLAMA, and the fast punching and competitive LECTER. Test your mental mettle ag ainst one of the most astounding aggregated masses of cerebral neurons in the hemisphere. Try to beat the PANGOS.


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