Below is a map of Auburn campus around Cary Hall.

DIRECTIONS: The Witte Lab is in room 174 Cary Hall.  To get to the lab, you will need to enter Cary Hall using the entrance on the BACK LEFT corner of the building, closest to the corner of the building.  On the map below, the entrance is marked with a BLACK ARROW. After you enter the building, enter the door immediately to your right (there will be signs marked WITTE LAB outside the door. A research assistant will be waiting inside the door to greet you and bring you to room 174. Please note, if you plan to drive, the AU campus parking map is available online at If you would like detailed driving directions, please consult the AU campus map at

CONTACT: For more information or to clarify these directions contact Caitlin Williams at 334-844-6444 or Tracy Witte,