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    Web Statistics

    <## database does not exist ##> Miva Counter Setup

    Miva Counter Setup

    Database created.

    Welcome to the Miva Webstat Counter Applet. This applet should be placed in your Miva application directory (public_html directory at Auburn). The database files created by this applet are stored in your data directory (home directory at Auburn).

    To use this applet, add the following line to your web page. Server-Side Includes (SSI) must be enabled. Check your server documentation for details on SSI.

    <!--#include virtual="&[request_uri]" -->

    To add a counter to a Miva page, add the following lines:

    <MvCALL action="&[documenturl]&[documenturl]" method="GET"> <MvEVAL expr="callvalue"> </MvCALL>

    Reload this page to display webstat totals.