Advanced Metal and Manufacturing Laboratory

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Auburn University

Facility Summary

Alloy Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Optomec LENS 500 metal additive manufacturing system (inert atmosphere, 4 different powder feeder and 4 axis control) (available by January 2019)
  • LENS
  • Concept Laser MLab laser powder bed additive manufacturing system
  • MLab
  • IVI Mark III vacuum arc melting/drop casting furnace
  • VAM

    Material Processing Capabilities

  • IPS Eagle 6 hot isostatic presser
  • HIP
  • Astro Vacuum Furnace
  • Astro Furnace
  • High temperature furnaces
  • Furnace
  • High energy ball mill
  • Ball Mill

    Material Testing Capabilities for Extreme Environments

  • Active loading stress corrosion cracking/corrosion fatigue testing systems instrumented with: (1) computer-controlled servo loading systems capable of 250 kN; (2) world-record high resolution DCPD crack growth measurement; (3) high temperature autoclave with excellent temperature control; (4) sophisticated water chemistry control systems;
  • HIP
  • Gamry 600+ Electrochemical Testing System
  • Gamry
  • MTS Servohydraulic Fatigue Station with Instron 8800 Controller and DCPD crack monitoring capability (available by January 2019)
  • MTS
  • Sintech High Temperature Mechanical Tester
  • Sintech