Advanced Metal and Manufacturing Laboratory

Dr. Xiaoyuan Lou's Lab at Auburn University

Prof. Xiaoyuan Lou’s group at Auburn University has following openings:
(1) One opening for postdoc researcher or PhD student in the area of powder metallurgy alloy, starting from Spring or Fall 2019.
(2) One opening for PhD student in the area of laser based additive manufacturing, focusing on corrosion.
Please find details below and send your current CV to Prof. Xiaoyuan Lou at loux AT if interested.

Current research activities in the group:
        Area 1: Metal additive manufacturing
        Area 2: Environmental-cracking resistant and corrosion
        Area 3: High-throughput alloy discovery for high temperature and extreme environments
        Area 4: Structural and functional nanocomposites
        Area 5: Alloys for medical implants