I am a Ph.D. candidate at the department of computer science and software engineering at Auburn University. I am advised by Dr. Li Chen and Dr. Xiao Qin.

My research mainly lies on deep learning for genomics, risk-sensitive reinforcement learning, and deep generative modeling in computer vision.

I do have a LinkedIn profile, and a somewhat outdated CV.


WEVar: a weighted ensemble learning framework for annotating and prioritizing non-coding genetic variants

pCNN:A phylogeny-regularized convolutional neural network for predictive modeling ofmicrobial data

Risk-Sensitive and Reliable Policy Gradient

Risk-sensitive management in dynamic decision problems is a primary concern in many fields, such as finance and process control. We developed a policy search framework for reinforcement learning with variance-related criteria and a variance reduction technique.

Contextual Outlier Mining Algorithm Based on PSO

Developed an outlier detection algorithm to improve the interpretability of outliers.