Course and curricula developed: 

Senior Capstone Course (FLSP 4980):

Developed the Spanish and Spanish for International Trade majors' senior capstone courses.  Work included creation of calendars, syllabi, sample writing assignments and listening comprehension activities, means of student evaluation (developed with J.A. Madrigal). 


Extra-ordinary courses developed and taught:

Arabic Language Intensive Program (Westminster College, Winter 1995)

Spanish thru Music (Westminster College, Spring 1995)


Courses developed for normal responsibilities:

Business Spanish:                       FLSP 320 Business Spanish

                                                        FLSP 321 Spanish for International Trade

Literature:                                      FLSP 410 Survey of Spanish Medieval Literature

                                                        FLSP 610 Spanish Medieval Literature: Poetry

                                                        FLSP 670 Seminar: Spanish Medieval Prose

                                                        FLSP 7970 Seminar: Spanish Medieval Drama

Linguistics:                                   FLSP 7010 History of the Spanish Language

                                                        FLSP 301 Spanish Phonetics

Language and Grammar:             FLSP 302 Spanish Syntax

                                                        FLSP 3020 Spanish Syntax

                                                        FLSP 3030 Spanish Conversation

                                                        FLSP 3040 Spanish Composition


Abroad programs

Designed the Auburn University Semester Abroad Program in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid (Spain), which will be launched Spring 2002 (with J.A. Madrigal).  Work included identifying location to host program, preparing budget, scheduling air travel, orientation and initiation of classes, pricing student package, securing insurance, designing a brochure, marketing program, among other things. 


Grants received related to teaching:

Breeden Grant of Auburn University  for developing materials to facilitate use of Spanish language music in the foreign language classroom.  Presented the results of the project at Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Oct. 11-13, 2001.


Auburn University’s Summer Academy 2000 in Instructional Technology to develop web-based course on Spanish peninsular civilization from its origins to 1700 (FLSP 3110; taught Fall 2000).  Designed most of course (calendar, quizzes, professor-student communication) using WebCt.



University Service

Undergraduate Advisor Spanish and Spanish for International Trade, January 2000 to present.

Advisor's responsibilities include:

Scheduling undergraduate and graduate courses

Creating rotations of four and five semesters for undergraduate and graduate seminars

Book orders for most of the FLL department's 3000 and 4000 level courses

Identifying Auburn FLSP equivalents for students doing coursework abroad

Convoking meetings of the Spanish faculty and setting the agenda

Development of new curricula: worked with French Faculty to develop a proposal for a new major, Spanish for Apparel Merchandising. 

Designing the department's assessment program (with J.A. Madrigal) and directed pilot program, Spring 2001.


Advisor Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi.  Fall 1998 to present.  My duties include:

Organizing and attending an initiation twice a year

Bringing guest lecturers to campus (creating budget, securing grant money from sponsors within the university, communicating with the guest-speakers regarding topic of paper and itinerary, etc.) Initiated and organized the visits of the following guest lecturers to Auburn's campus: Dr. Alberto Hernández-Chiroldes, Dr. Saul Sosnowski, Mr. Eddy Contreras Cordovi, Dr. Leonor Ulloa.

Attending the Spanish Table.


Chair of the departmental search committee to fill a visiting instructor/ assistant professor for Fall 2003.

Member of the departmental search committee to fill two visiting assistant professor positions for Fall 2000.

Chair of the departmental search committee that brought two current assistant professors, to campus (fall-spring 2000-2001). 


2.  Professional ServiceThe Marvelous in the Medieval Period.  Organized a table for discussion of medieval fantastic and marvelous literature for the upcoming Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference on Oct. 11-13, 2001 in Wilmington, NC.  Three papers were delivered.

3.  Community Service:

Translated Legal Documents from Arabic to English for Judge English of the Lee County Court System, Alabama. 

Worked with the Auburn Press in rendering headlines and text from English in