Former students:

Carrie Allison, M.S. (nonthesis), August 2001-August 2003. Current: Kentucky Department of

    Fish and Wildlife

Ricardo Betancur, Ph.D., August 2004 - May 2009. Molecular phylogeny of the ariid (sea)

    catfishes of the world. Current: Postdoctoral Fellow, George Washington University

Lesley de Souza, Ph.D., 2011, August 2003 - December 2011. Population genetics and   

    biogeography of neotropical fishes. Curren: Posdoctoral Fellow, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Justin D. Evans, master's, June 1999 – May 2002, description and revision of a new genus of

    loricariid catfish from west of the Andes and a molecular phylogeny of the Pterygoplichthyini.

    Current: City Engineer, Tampa, Florida.

Nathan Lujan, Ph.D., August 2002 - May 2009. Adaptive radiation of loricariids. Current:

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

Marcelo Melo, Ph.D., August 2004 - August 2009. Phylogenetics of the swallowers

    (Chiasmodontidae). Current: Assistant Professor, Universidade Federal de São Paulo

Thomas Paul Pera, master's, August 2000 - December 2004, taxonomic assessment of the

    silverjaw minnow, Ericymba buccata.  Current: Lawyer, Memphis, TN

  1. C.Keith Ray, M.S., August 2006-December 2010. Systematics of the Hypsotomus emarginatus

    species group (Siluriformes: Loricariidae).  Current: Ph.D. student, Auburn University.

David C. Werneke, M.S., August 2000 - December 2004, systematics of the Brook Silverside    

    (Labidesthes sicculus).  Current: Collection Manager, Auburn University Museum Fish




Jonathan W. Armbruster, Ph.D., 1997, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Professor and Curator of Fishes

    Research: systematics, evolutionary ecology, and morphology of loricariid catfishes,

        cavefishes and cyprinids.

    e-mail        website

Shobnom Ferdous, M.S., 2004, Southeast Missouri State University

    Ph.D. candidate

    Research: Taxonomy and phylogeny of the southeast Asian bagrid catfish genus Mystus.


Malorie Hayes, M.S., forthcoming, Southeastern Louisiana University

    Ph.D. student

    Research: Systematics and taxonomy of North American and African

        cypriniformes and darters.

    e-mail        website

C. Keith Ray, M.S. 2010, Auburn University

    Ph.D. student

    Research: Taxonomy, Systematics, and Biogeography of Rhinichthys (Cypriniformes:

        Cyprinidae) and the loricariid catfish of the Hypostomus emarginatus complex.

    e-mail        website

Carla C. Stout, M.S., 2008, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

    Ph.D. student

    Research: Phylogenomics of Cypriniformes

    e-mail        website

David C. Werneke, M.S., 2004, Auburn University

    Collection Manager, Curator II

    Research: Systematics of Labidesthes, ecology and systematics of Alabama fishes

    e-mail        website

Milton Tan, B.S., 2009, University of Delaware

    Ph.D. candidate

    Research: Genomic evolution of miniaturization in danionine minnows

    e-mail        website

Paul L. Wieczorek, B.S., 2011, Auburn University

    M.S. Student

    Research: Ecomorphology of Alabama Cyprinidae


Edward Burress, M.S., 2012, Appalachian State University

    Ph.D. student

    Research: Evolution of ecological differentiation in Crenicichla and the functional roles of

         macrocrustaceans in subtropical South American streams.

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