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Findlaw is perhaps the best online source for legal research.  Providing comprehensive access to all Supreme Court cases decided since the 1893 term (selective access prior to this time), FindLaw also offers links to the decisions of the U.S. Courts of Appeal, selected U.S. District Courts, and state courts.  You can also find information about international law, law schools, the legal practice in general, and even an online listing of attorneys on the web here.

Legal Information Institute
This Cornell University sponsored site is another great repository of legal information.  Its comprehensive Supreme Court coverage is limited to cases decided after 1990, although it provides access to some key decisions handed down before that time.  It also links to federal and state court cases.

On the Docket
Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism provides a brief synopsis of all cases granted certiorari by and pending oral argument before the United States Supreme Court.  In addition, it usually also offers links to the lower court decision on appeal, contact information for attorneys involved in the case, some amicus curiae briefs, and relevant secondary sources of information.

The Oyez Project
Oyez provides a sampling of the Supreme Court's landmark decisions.  You can take a virtual tour of the Supreme Court Building on this site as well.

Offers access to the Supreme Court's decisions from the present term and a searchable index of the Court's top 1000 decisions.  You can also obtain email digests of the Court's decisions shortly after they are handed down.

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