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Some of these links are dead.
Please send me the new links if you know what they are and I'll be happy to update them.
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General Cheerleader Pages

Colorado Extreme All-Star Cheer

Ultimate All-Stars Cheerleaders

American Internet Cheerleading Magazine

Cheer|Dance Online!
GotaCheer Central
Ms. PineApple's Cheerleader Page
Cheers and More
Nashville's Stray Kats Cheerleaders
Kristy's Cheer Page
Upper Loudoun Youth Football and Cheerleading
International Cheerleaders--now with their own Page!!!

Duke University
Bethel College
Southern Utah University
University of Missouri-Columbia
UCLA's Cheerleading Dance, and Mascot Page
Boston College
Barry University Cheerleading
UT Volunteer Cheerleaders
Penn State Cheerleading
Wheaton College Cheerleading--dead
Tufts University Cheerleadin--dead
University of Texas Cheerleaders
St. Mary's College of Maryland Cheerleaders
University of Missouri - Columbia Cheerleading Homepage
University of Louisville Cheerleaders
Stetson University Cheerleading Homepage
UW-River Falls Univ. Cheerleader Association
Air Force Academy Cheerleading--dead
Cheerleading--Georgia Tech Greg Brower's page
J.T.'s California Univ. Pennsylvania I had to read it twice too.
N.C. State Cheerleader Home Page--dead
Northeastern Cheerleaders Website
St. Edward's University Cheerleaders
UMass Darltmouth Co-ed Cheerleading
University of North Dakota--dead
Jay Laurence Raftery's USC Yell Page
Zun Jay's Page --Nice Diamond Head!--dead
G. C. ' s Lehigh Cheerleading--dead
Baylor University
Junior High and High School and Personal
Triton High School Cheerleaders
Upper Loudoun Youth Football and Cheerleading
Seymour High Owls
Florida High School
Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory
Killarney Jr.High Cheerleaders
Jen's Cheerleading Page
The Franklin Panthers Cheer Squad
The Roby Raider Cheerleaders from Kentucky
Oak Harbor High School
Westmount Cheerleading
Perry Cheerleading
Wyalusing Valley High School Basketball Cheerleaders
Silverado High School Cheerleading
Tracy's Cheerleading Resources
Peggy's Cheerleading Page
TriState Cheerleading
Anderson High School Cheerleaders
Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory Cheerleaders
Chelsea's Home Page The Future of Cheerleading at FSU
Gadsden Alabama High School Cheerleaders
Tualatin Cheerleading
Neodesha Varsity Spirit Squad
Let's Get Ready For This!
J. Frank Dobie High School
Galesburg High School Silver Streaks Spirit Page Galesburg, Illinois
Brianne's the Cheer Starts Here
The West Cheerleader's Home Page. (send me some more info and I'll include it!)
Vista High School Sports Page
Steve's New Home Page
Jennifer Johnson's WorldWide Cheerleader Homepage Incredible Page! Full of tips, cheers, and information on a assortment of companies dealing with cheerleading accessories.

ALLSTAR and/or Associations
Miss Tammy's All-Star Co. in Cleburne, Texas
Cheer Challenge Allstars
Lake Mary All Stars
Magic Cheerleading Association (Naperville, IL)

Cheer Chicago

TampaBay Allstars
Professional Teams
Nashville Stray Kats
Eastern Illinois University -Billy
Cheer Chicago
Cool Stuff!!
American Cheerleader Magazine's ON-LINE Chat Room!!!
Lori's Cheer Bows

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