Hydroclimate Research Group


Diagram showing research big pictures

Welcome to our research group!

We are a group of scientists and engineers aiming to improve our understanding, observation, and prediction of hydroclimate processes, extreme events (e.g., drought, heat wave, and extreme precipitation), and their impact risks. It requires a fundamental understanding of the complex processes in hydroclimate systems, improving their modeling and predictions at relevant scales and lead times, and quantifying their roles in natural and managed systems. We use data science, machine learning, process-based simulations, high-performance computing, and earth system data from emerging sources such as numerical simulations, satellites, sensors, and ground observations in the methodology. Climate, water resources, and subsequent impacts are truly interesting to explore. Please watch this Nobel Prize lecture in physics given by Dr. Syukuro 'Suki' Manabe on global warming and accelerated hydrological cycle.

The intent of this website is to provide an information for the type of research we are dedicated to.

Last Updated: Dec 2023