List of forest pathology websites with lots of information concerning forest pest problems

Government Agencies: Federal

USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection, Region 1:

USDA Forest Service Region 6 Insect and Diseases

Canadian Forest Service,Pacific Forestry Centre, Victoria, British Columbia,Canada

UK Forestry Commission Research Agency.

Government Agencies: State/Provincial

Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Colorado State Forest Service:

Ohio Division of Forestry Forest Health:

 Extension Websites

University of Georgia Bugwood:

 Southern Pine Beetle Control Methods

Universities: Class and Professor’s websites

University of Maine - Tree Pests and Disease class website:

University of Minnesota - Diseases of Forest and Shade Trees

Humboldt State University, Botany 394 - Forest Pathology)

Institutes & Foundations

New Zealand Forest Research Institute, Health & Biosecurity of New Zealand's Forests


Forest Pathology Laboratories

Institute of Forest Genetics:

FAO Forestry

Specific Diseases or Forest Health Topics

Oak Wilt Control in Texas -

Western U.S. mistletoes-

CA pitch canker site -

West Virginia University tree bark & bark disease:

British Columbia Root Disease Management Guidebook

The American Chestnut Foundation:

California Sudden Oak Death :

IUFRO Phytophthora in Forests and Natural Ecosystems meeting:


Tom Volk’s Fungi home page:

The WWW virtual library of Mycology:

Scientific Societies

American Phytopathological Society

Entomological Society of America

Mycological Society of America

Society of American Foresters


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