Forest Health Dynamics Laboratory Project at Auburn University
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Laboratory Technicians

Page updated on:  March 28, 2014



joey.jpg (31311 bytes) Joey Clay - Research Assistant

Joey gives entry level administrative and professional support to other researchers for ongoing forest pathology programs and projects at Auburn.  He provides professional assistance for development of project plans/protocols for the examination of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and enhanced loblolly, longleaf, and slash pine seedling growth and survival.    Joey has also coordinated with others in Forestry associated with the Auburn University Southern Nursery Management Cooperative to provide, equipment, materials, and labor.   He keeps track of the numerous experiments that we have related to fungal/bacterial interactions and documents many of the seedling characteristics, such as seedling growth and mortality, This includes data collection in the greenhouse and forest-tree nurseries across the southern United States.    Joey makes sure the lab runs a bit smoother and accounts for the laboratory and field supplies, materials and equipment.   He lso helps with the graduate students and undergraduate students assigned to the laboratory.

jamie.jpg (31575 bytes)

Jamie Lowe - Undergraduate Laboratory Aide

Jamie works in between classes helping out with laboratory tasks making sure the experiments get completed and data collected on time.  He has experience in some growth media for fungi and bacteria research as well as some web page work. His interests include forestry and working outdoors.  Jamie plans to graduate in the spring of 2003 from the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

maureen_mckinnon.jpg (25695 bytes)

Maureen McKinnon

BS Forestry, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University - 2000

Maureen finished up her degree and has moved onto a new job in Tuscaloosa with Gulf States Paper.  We wish her well in her new career




deanna2.jpg (20650 bytes)

 DeAnna Eddy 

 B.S. & M.S.  School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University

DeAnna has moved on in career and moved out of the great state of Alabama and taken a position with International Paper working out of the Georgetown South Carolina office.   We wish her well in her new tasks.




  tom.jpg (22805 bytes)

Tom Allen, Jr.

BS Biology, Indiana University  - 1994
MS Forestry, Auburn University - 1999
PhD Candidate, Auburn University - 2002

Mr. Tom Allen, Jr. has taken a new position next door to the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences over in the Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology where he is currently working on his PhD.  



Peter Wood

BS Forestry 1998
Auburn University - School of Forestry

Mr. Pete Wood  has taken a new position with The American Chestnut Foundation.  Peter worked on the Forest Pathology Project for nearly three years, first as an part-time student, then as full-time student during the summer and finally as a Research Associate.   He will be missed around the laboratory, but we wish him the best in his new position as Research Farm Operator.


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