Elvan Ceyhan (last name pronounced as "Jay-han")
 Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Auburn University
Mailing Address:
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
221 Parker Hall
Auburn University,
Auburn, AL 36849 USA
Contact/Office Address:
203 Extension Hall
phone: (334) 844 3613
e-mail: ceyhan [at] auburn [dot] edu (or ezc0066 [at] auburn [dot] edu)

Research Interests: Machine learning and data science; Spatial Pattern and Data Analysis; Proximity Catch Digraphs (PCDs); Statistical Methods for Medical Data and Image Analysis (see below link for more detail).

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    Selected Publications

    14. S. Bahadır and E. Ceyhan. On the number of weakly connected subdigraphs in random kNN digraphs. Discrete & Computational Geometry. 65(1): 116-142, January 2021.

    13. A. Manukyan and E. Ceyhan. Classification using proximity catch digraphs. Machine Learning. 109(4): 761-811, DOI: 10.1007/s10994-020-05878-4, May 2020.

    12. A. Manukyan and E. Ceyhan. Classification of imbalanced data with a geometric digraph family. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 17(189):1-40, 2016.

    11. E. Ceyhan, Segregation indices for disease clustering. Statistics in Medicine, 33(10):1662-1684, May 2014.

    10. E. Ceyhan, K. Ertugay and S. Duzgun. Exploratory and inferential methods for spatio-temporal analysis of residential fire clustering in urban areas. Fire Safety Journal, 58:226-239, May 2013.

    9. V. Aksakalli and E. Ceyhan. Optimal obstacle placement with disambiguations. Annals of Applied Statistics, 6(4):1730-1774, December 2012.

    8. E. Ceyhan, F. Xu, U. A. Gurkan, A. E. Emre, E. S. Turalı, R. El Assal, A. Acıkgenc, C. M. Wu and U. Demirci. Prediction and control of number of cells in microdroplets by stochastic modeling. Lab on a Chip, 12(22), 4884-4893, October 2012.

    7. S. J. Moon, E. Ceyhan, U. A. Gurkan, and U. Demirci. Statistical modeling of single target cell encapsulation. PLoS ONE, 6(7): e21580. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021580, July 2011.

    6. E. Ceyhan, M. Hosakere, T. Nishino, J. Alexopoulos, R. D. Todd, K. N. Botteron, M. I. Miller and J. T. Ratnanather. Statistical analysis of cortical morphometrics using pooled distances based on labeled cortical distance maps. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 40(1): 20-35, March 2011.

    5. E. Ceyhan. Extension of one-dimensional proximity regions to higher dimensions. Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications, 43(9):721-748, November 2010 [This article was also featured at VerticalNews service of NewsRx.com].

    4. E. Ceyhan. Overall and pairwise segregation tests based on nearest neighbor contingency tables. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 53(8):2786-2808, June 2009.

    3. E. Ceyhan. The distribution of the domination number of class cover catch digraphs for non-uniform one-dimensional data. Discrete Mathematics, 308(23):5376-5393, December 2008.

    2. E. Ceyhan, C. E. Priebe and D. J. Marchette. A new family of random graphs for testing spatial segregation. Canadian Journal of Statistics, 35(1):27-50, February 2007.

    1. E. Ceyhan, C. E. Priebe and J. C. Wierman. Relative density of the random r-factor proximity catch digraphs for testing spatial patterns of segregation and association. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 50(8):1925-1964, April 2006.

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