site plan of quadrapad and corrugated of alabama townhouse group

early aerial view of entire site from above martin ave

early aerial view from above neighboring apartments

view from the north on north ross street

view from opposite side of north ross street

similar view from north ross street

view from intersection of martin ave and north ross street

front elevation on north ross street

slightly left front view

looking down martin street elevations

entrance to unit 404 from martin street

beyond entrance to unit 404

looking back

front of unit 406 and alleyway to rear

passageway and front of unit 408

looking back on unit 408

entrance to unit 410

entrance detail

rear door of 404 and small deck off of bedroom of 406

alleyway between units 404 and 406 and small deck

same as previous picture one step closer

rear patio walls units 408 and 410


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