Friedrich A. Hayek (1899-1992)
1975, University of Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut

These PowerPoint shows (below left) represent three successive versions of capital-based analytics. The original show was created in early 1999, when the end of the credit-driven boom was not yet in sight and when Bill Clinton had almost two years left of his second term. 
    Consistent with the Mises-Hayek theory of the business cycle, the graphical analytics demonstrate the inevitability--but not the timing--of the subsequent bust.  Part V of the original show depicts Bill Clinton still in office when the bust comes. 
     In 2003 I created a second edition of the show, mainly to add some pedagogical features in the early sections and additional explanatory text throughout. I also made changes in Part V to reflect the fact that George  W. Bush was in office when the downturn came.
      In 2006, I created a third edition---a total remake of the show using the 2003 PowerPoint software. I also created a second show to contrast the Keynesian and Hayekian frameworks. And I tweaked both of thise shows in 2009.     

2006 editions* (tweaked in 2009): 

    Sustainable and Unsustainable Growth
    Keynes and Hayek: Head to Head

     *The 2006 editions require PowerPoint 2003 or later. 

2003 edition:

    Sustainable and Unstainable Growth

1999 edition:

    Sustainable and Unsustainable Growth