The below scripts/rpms will automate a Netdisco apache2 and mod_perl2 installation.   There may some instances where the script(s) do not produce the desired results and you may have to manually tweak things to get disco working properly.   Please use at your own risk - the below scripts are unsupported.   Hopefully, they will help to speed up the installation and lessen your work and/or frustration.   As time permits, I will add new scripts as new versions are released.   If you have modified one of the below scripts to work with a distribution that is not listed, and would like to make it available, please contact me.

The below table indicates if a Netdisco package exists/resides in the below operating system repositories.

Package Compatibility:
NetdiscoFedora 15   Fedora 16    EPEL5EPEL6
Version 1.0yesyesyesno
Version 1.1nonoyessoon

  • To install Netdisco on Fedora, as root, type "yum install netdisco".   After the required dependencies and package has installed, run
    /usr/sbin/netdisco_config.   This will walk you through the initial configuration and database setup.

  • To install Netdisco on RHEL/CentOS 5, you first need to install the EPEL 5 rpm.   See this page for more information on EPEL.
    Once the EPEL rpm is installed, to install netdisco, the steps are the same as above for Fedora.

  • Netdisco packages are also included in Debian's 5.0 Lenny release.

  • CVS Install Script(s):
  • Fedora 10
  • CentOS 5.3

  • Also, while you are installing with the above scripts, below are a couple of 70's disco songs for your listening enjoyment. ;)
    The Trammps - Disco Inferno
    Bee Gees - Staying Alive