a. description

A general description of my outreach scholarship would be the presentation of quality teaching practice in school settings. First, I have been extensively engaged in teaching physical education classes alongside teachers in their own settings. In many of these cases, preservice teaching students from the department have been involved.

b. mission

The aim of this outreach is to improve the quality of physical education instruction. The teachers benefit from the presentation of new curriculum ideas and instructional models, the students in the school benefit from receiving the most up-to-date presentation of content, and the students from the university get hands on experience in applying their knowledge in real-life settings.

To this end, in 2012, I received a $45,000 Outreach Grant from the Auburn University Office of Outreach to promote physical education instruction in Butler County Schools.

** see http://www.greenvilleadvocate.com/2012/04/13/grant-will-aid-p-e-programs/

Further, in 2013, I wrote a grant for Pick Elementary School in Auburn. AL which gained $7,500 from the Blue-Cross Blue-Shield "Be Healthy Schools" program.

c. scholarship

The program of action in these school settings is based upon the latest research on instruction in physical education. In most cases, that instruction has been in sport education – a curriculum and instructional model developed and researched in the late 1990’s. The teaching of sport in schools has a history of marginalizing and alienating many student groups. This current model has been enacted in many school settings, allowing teacher to then further develop their own sport seasons.

d. impact

Four district schools are now using the sport education model in significant components of their physical education curriculum. Further, students who have graduated from Auburn are incorporating the model in their work. A number of students who have participated in the school-based instruction have used the model in their internships, further disseminating of the model and increasing its adoption for the presentation of quality physical education.







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