Huajun  Huang's   Homepage

     Associate Professor
     Mathematics and Statistics
     Auburn University, AL 36849
     (334) 844-5974
     huanghu (at) auburn
Areas of Interests:

Matrix theory, Lie groups and algebraic groups.



My research topics are focus on Lie group and matrix decompositions. See curriculum vitae for more information. (more..  less..)
  1. Matrix Decompositions.
  2. Quadratic forms.
  3. Lie group and algebraic group decompositions.


Here are some slides of my selected presentations.


Some materials of the courses I have taught can be found below:
  1. Lie Algebra.

Department Library

I am cataloging the books and journals in the department library. The lists of books and journals are available here.

Math Links

Here are some interesting sites in mathematics.