Curriculum Vitae

Paul M. Johnson

  • Born March 14, 1946; Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • B.A. (summa cum laude), Rice University, 1967
  • M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University, 1968, 1978

Teaching fields: Past courses taught, order of frequency

  1. East European politics
  2. Soviet/post-Soviet politics
  3. Soviet/Russian/East European foreign policies
  4. Introduction to political economy
  5. Political science research methods
  6. Introduction to international relations
  7. Comparative communist political systems
  8. Political economy of socialism
  9. Classic texts of Marxism-Leninism
  10. Intelligence and national security policy: USA/USSR
  11. Introduction to international law
  12. Theories of revolution and political violence
  13. Introduction to American politics

Employment history

  • Auburn University, Associate Professor, September 1992 - present
  • Auburn University, Assistant Professor, September 1991 - August 1992
  • University of California, Santa Cruz, Visiting Lecturer, June 1989 - June 1990
  • University of Houston and Rice University, Visiting Assistant Professor, September 1988 - August 1989
  • Florida State University, Assistant Professor, August 1981 - June 1988
  • Yale University, Assistant Professor, July 1978 - June 1981
  • Yale University, Lecturer, July 1976 - June 1978

Other professional experience

  • Chair of Department of Political Science (August 2001-August 2006), Auburn University
  • Member of Governing Council (1982 - 1984) and National Convention Program Co-Chairman (1984) for the International Studies Association
  • Fellow and Resident Director, Stanford University-Uniwersytet Warszawski Exchange Program, Warsaw, Poland, 1973-1974 academic year
  • Research Fellow, Stanford Studies of the Communist System, 1968-1969 academic year



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  • Redesigning the Communist Economy: The Politics of Economic Reform in Eastern Europe, East European Monographs/Columbia University Press, 1989.
  • Rhythms in Politics and Economics (co-editor), Praeger Publishers, 1985.
  • Political Development and Political Change in Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study (co-author), University of Denver Monograph Series in World Affairs, 1976.


  • "The Subordinate States and Their Strategies" in Jan F. Triska (ed.), Dominant Powers and Subordinate States: The United States in Latin America and the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe, Duke University Press, 1986.

  • "Soviet Military and Civilian Resource Allocation, 1951-1980" (co-author), Journal of Conflict Resolution, 30/2, 1986.

  • "An End to Passivity?," Workers Under Communism: A Journal of Information and Analysis, 1/3, 1983.

  • "Marxists Go to Market," Inquiry, 5/4, 1982.

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  • "Modernization as an 'Explanation' of Political Change in East European Communist States" in Jan F. Triska and Paul Cocks (editors), Political Development in Eastern Europe, Praeger Publishers, 1977.

  • "Political Development and Political Change" (co-author) in Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Carl Beck (editors), Comparative Socialist Systems: Essays in Politics and Economics, University of Pittsburgh Center for International Studies, 1975.


  • Political Development, Penetration, and the Politics of Economic Reform in the European Communist States, University Microfilms International #7905881, 1978.

Current Address

Department of Political Science
7080 Haley Center
Auburn University, Alabama 36849

FAX: (334) 844-5348
Telephone: (334) 844-6174 [Office]