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Martha Forloines

Lab members hail from all over, united by a pursuit of scientific truth and sharing labcoats

Martha Forloines


West Chester, Pennsylvania

Graduated From:

Armstrong Atlantic State University (B.S.)
Georgia Southern University (M.S.)

Research Interests:

Spatial cognition and how the hippocampus is involved in reliable human spatial locational.  Alzheimer's Disease prgoression and how spatial abilities may suffer across the course of the disease.  Visual working memory capacity and failure to notice changes in the environment.

Sample Work:

Sturz, B. R., Forloines, M. R., & Bodily, K. D. (2012). Enclosure size and the use of local and global geometric cues for reorientation. Psychonomic bulletin & review, 19(2), 270-276.

Forloines, M. R. (2012). A Comparison of the Associative and Multiple Bearing Hypotheses through Landmark Stability in Humans Using a Virtual Environment.


Aside from graduate school, Martha enjoys bad television and video games.