Graduate Students and Thesis Research


Robert Monrreal (M.S., 2007): Hydrology and water chemistry in Weeks Bay, Alabama: Implications for mercury bioaccumulation


Jamey Turner (M.S., 2006): Groundwater geochemistry, geology, and microbiology of Holocene alluvial aquifer in Manikganj, Bangladesh


James Griffin (M.S., 2005): Reactive transport of solutes and isotopes in the Eutaw aquifer, western Alabama.


Jennifer Hansom (M.S., 2004): Hydrodynamics and related biogeochemical processes in the Permian basin, west Texas.


Benjamin Spratling (Honors College, 2004): Hydrogeology and geophysics of saltwater intrusion.


Pat Baird (M.S., 2003): Hydrologic changes associated with the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake, Taiwan: A numerical study.


Jeremy McCartha (M.S., 2002): Hydrogeology of the Upper Floridan aquifer in Bay county and surrounding areas, Florida.


Elizabeth Penny (M.S., 2002): Groundwater geochemistry, isotope hydrology, and microbiology of Alabama coastal plain aquifers.

Tasaneeya Kosuwan (M.S., 2001): Paleohydrology of the great Permian Basin, west Texas.


Alex Wood (M.S., 1999): 3-D numerical modeling of groundwater flow in the Eutaw aquifer, central Alabama (co-chair with D. King).


Daphne Williams (M.S., 1998): A quantitative study of pale hydrology of the Delaware basin, west Texas: Implications for hydrocarbon migration and ore genesis.


Christian Osgood (M.S., 1995): A hydrologic and geochemical model of saltwater intrusion in Cape May County, New Jersey.