Dr. B. Graeme Lockaby
Clinton McClure Professor
Director, Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface (CESURI)
Associate Dean for Research & Professor, School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences,
Auburn University

PhD, Mississippi State University, 1981, Agronomy
MS, Clemson University, 1977, Forestry
BS,Clemson University, 1975, Forestry

Contact: lockabg@auburn.edu

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Forest Biogeochemistry, Research Methods

Research Interests:

  • Biogeochemistry of Floodplain Forests
  • Decomposition, Relationships between Nutrient Circulation and NPP
  • Effects of Urban Sprawl on Water Quality, Biogeochemistry of Riparian Forests


  • 2006 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Member (Auburn University)
  • 2003 National Wetlands Award, Science Research
  • 2003 Gulf Guardian Award, Civic/Nonprofit Organization

Selected Journal Articles

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