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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Auburn University, and I have been teaching here since 1983. I am originally from Macedonia, I was born in the village of Podmochani (Подмочани), in the Prespa region. In Podmochani I was known as Гоце Гаџовски. I try to spend a couple of months every summer in Macedonia, where I usually attend a seminar and a conference in Ohrid, do some research in Skopje, and hang out with the peasants in my village.

Teaching Interests

At Auburn University I teach courses on Russian language and culture, and an introductory World Literature course through the English Department. You can see a description and syllabi for these courses by clicking on the links on the left. Recently I developed a set of Distance Learning courses for Russian that are designed with WebCT and include online audio resources accessed through Wimba Horizon.

I have dveloped numerous online exercises and tutorials for my language courses, and looking at the number of hits it looks like they are quite popular among students and teachers at many universities around the country.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on Macedonian literature and folklore, on computational linguistics and on corpus linguistics. I have developed an online concordance (one in ascending and one in reverse order) of Misirkov's "On Macedonian Matters," and at the moment I am developing a corpus of Macedonian electronic texts. There is a preliminary version of approximately one million words, and I have collected additional ten million words that will be included in the corpus in the very near future. The completed corpus will include morphosyntactic annotation of every word.

Dr. George Goce Mitrevski