Translation. (0039)

Directions: Translate each sentence into Russian. After you translate a sentence, click anywhere on the page to check your answer. Click on the ? button to see one possible correct translation.

  1. We now speak only in English.
  2. I live in a large city.
  3. She knows Russian well.
  4. They live in a nice apartment.
  5. We live in an old dormitory.
  6. Vadim and his parents are Russian.
  7. The students live in a large dormitory.
  8. At home do you (pl.) speak only in German?
  9. They understand Spanish very well.
  10. She studies French at the institute.
  11. Which languages do you (familiar) understand?
  12. Who knows Russian?
  13. Who lives in this large apartment?
  14. Her parents live in England.
  15. We don't know Spanish.
  16. Who speaks Chinese?
  17. Do you (familiar) speak Spanish?
  18. Do they write in Russian?
  19. I don't write Japanese.
  20. My mom is French.
  21. Is your (polite) family Russian?>
  22. In which language do you (pl.) speak at home?
  23. She is reading a Russian journal.
  24. Thank you very much.
  25. This is an Ukrainian last name.
  26. Is that a Russian first name?
  27. What is your (polite) nationality?
  28. Anton reads fast in French.
  29. How do you (familiar) speak Spanish?
  30. Which languages does she know?
  31. Which language do you study at the university?
  32. What's your (familiar) mom's nationality?

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